Simport Processing & Embedding Cassettes

Simport Processing & Embedding Cassettes

SKU: SIM M480-18TCategories: Specimen Plates/Cassettes

Process Cassettes, Fluorescent Yellow, (lids sold separately), 2000/cs

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Suitable for holding and identifying tissue samples in processing, embedding, and sectioning procedures. Fits securely in microtome chuck adapters. They are molded from a high density polymer that is totally resistant to the chemical action of histological solvents. Designed to accept standard metal lids and will keep specimens in complete safety during processing. The slanted writing surface accepts markings easily, permitting sample identification throughout all stages of embedding and long afterwards when in archives. M480-1 is made of polypropylene; all others are made of acetal polymer.

SKU: SIM M480-18TCategories: Specimen Plates/CassettesPacking List Description: CASSETTE PROCESS W/OUT LIDFLUO YELLOW 2000/CS