First Aid Only/Acme United Aspirin

First Aid Only/Acme United Aspirin

SKU: FAO 20-001Categories: Analgesics

PhysiciansCare Aspirin, 2/pk, 25pk/bx (DROP SHIP ONLY – $150 Minimum Order)

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Comparable to Bayer® Aspirin, our 5 grain aspirin tablets provide temporary relief of pain due to headache, neuralgia, toothache, menstrual pain, muscle aches and inflammation from either arthritis or other rheumatic diseases. Also helps bring down a fever related to cold and flu. Active ingredient: Aspirin, 325 mg.

SKU: FAO 20-001Categories: AnalgesicsPacking List Description: ASPIRIN PHYSICIANSCARE 2/PK25PK/BX (DROP)